Slovakia based ceramic artist focusing on teaware and wheelthrowing workshops. While being a mom of two lively boys I cherish every second being alone in my home studio as well as crowded class full of working students.

Being a potter is not just a profession to me but also the way of life because working with clay offers me a safety place, tranquility and steady point in ever changing world.

As a potter I have an urge to feel the structure of the piece in my hands so I focus on carving the clay in leather hard stage with various tools. I need to see my ceramics being highly decorated yet still functional and easy to use because I believe that teaware is something you rather keep in sight at home than hide into the shelf after the morning tea session.

Sometimes I step back from carving and I alter soft clay creating flower forms which I glaze with layers of compatible glazes to achieve visually captivating surface.

Instagram account: @jana_matiscik

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