Petr has been pursuing his pottery dream since the age of 11; at that time guided by his parents and grandparents. Tea found him at the age of 18, and the clay making got a new direction immediately. Today he solemnly focuses on teaware, mainly teapots. He says about his process:

"I enjoy working with natural clays, searching for and exploring local materials. In addition to those clays, I also use clays prepared by small Czech manufacture. Clay is essential to me; I love the depth which raw clay decorated with the kaolin based engobe offers. I explore different techniques of applying and drawing into the surface of the kaolin."

Petr is drawn to the wood firing; he feels his work becomes alive in this type of firing. Wooodfiring for him offers not only this liveliness but also a large variety because of the wide range of temperature in the kiln. He also enjoys working with new ways of firing. He often uses charcoal reduction for part of the kiln. The rest of the kiln is filed with the glazed work as he is keen on developing his natural glazes inspired by the historical teaware. The firing is for him is a significant ritual that finished the process of making and begins the new life of the teaware.

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