On this page you can find some important guidelines for using the boiling kettles or side-handle teapots.

Kettles are suitable primarily for boiling water on charcoal or maintaining the temperature above the alcohol burner. It can also be used on a gas or electric stove (not induction), but only with a stovetop heat diffuser, which comes with each boiling kettle or side-handle. If you use the kettle without it, the life span may be reduced significantly.

The maximum volume of the kettle is approximate. You need to test how much water will suit you when boiling. By try, I estimated the ideal of 3/4 of the volume, maximum 3 cm below the edge. Otherwise, the water can overflow when boiling.

Also keep an eye on how much water is left in the kettle, and do not leave it on a heat source if there is not enough water in it. It is also wise to avoid thermal shocks as much as possible. For example, before you pour cold water into the hot kettle, please let it cool for a while. If you need to store the kettle away from the heat source, place it on less thermally conductive pads such as wood, cork, reeds, etc., rather than on stone, metal, concrete, etc.

Be careful when operating with hot kettle, and pay attention to escaping steam, which can burn you. For the best possible flow of water, while maintaining safety, it worked for me to direct the hole in the lid to the right (or to the left). If you boil water in the kettle for a very long time, the handle may get hot. It is good to use some tea towel to handle it comfortably.

After each use, when the kettle is empty but still warm from boiling, please leave the lid open to allow the kettle to dry well.

If something is not clear to you or if you have any further questions, please contact me:


Thank you very much!

Petr Sklenička

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