Stoves with the iron grate

The Stove needs to have a fireproof pad under it as it gets hot while in use. Please see the attached PDF manual. The manual for more safety information points out any table charcoal grills or any grill in the manual when purchasing. Even though many people use this stove inside all the time (usually start it though outside or as my friend on the balcony), It is always good to remember to use common sense when working with an open fire. 

See also articles Petr Novák wrote about the iron-cast basket stoves and their use:


Open stoves

Open stoves need an ash bed build-up (see photos of Petra Anderson below). It is wise to use ash from an open outside fireplace or charcoal grill to begin with. If you do not have this opportunity, start a small charcoal fire and slowly build it up; ... At the start, stressing the stove with a large fire is not good. The Stove also needs a fireproof pad under them as they get hot while in use. See the enclosed manual for more safety information.

This type of stove can be also used just with alcohol burner (without the charcoal). Please be avare that alcohol burner will not bring the water to boil and is used only to keep already boiled water hot. 

Stove manual


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