We ship worldwide. After you finish your order through our webpage, we'll email you a confirmation and the exact shipping cost for your package. Some destinations offer priority or standard shipping service, so you have a choice depending on your preferences and budget. We inform our customers about shipping costs and the number of packages before final payment.

By scrolling down, you may find examples of shipping costs to the EU and US to have a better idea of postal prices for packages.  

While packing your Sageteaware order, we rely on our long-time experience handling fragile goods. Firstly, your ceramic pot is covered with miralon foam (recyclable plastic) or bubble wrap. Then, we use Flo-pak to fill the cardboard box around the packed item, which is sealed with adhesive tape. Larger packages are also reinforced with polystyrene to be more resistant.

When heavy items such as storage jars or charcoal stoves are to be shipped, we use a double box package when the first box is inserted in another cardboard box reinforced with polystyrene. This way, we can ensure safe delivery of the pottery to your home. When handling orders containing more or larger items, we prefer to divide the order into two or more packages to guarantee safe delivery.

Nowadays, there is a passionate discussion about using recyclable materials. While closely observing new sustainable packaging trends, we use recyclable plastic materials such as miralon, bubble wrap, polystyrene, and Flo-pak. We also use second-hand cardboard boxes or recycled paper boxes. Our plastic materials may be recycled, while paper boxes can be disposed of in domestic compost. We encourage our customers to recycle as much as possible as well. 

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